An illuminating graphic documentary featuring world-renowned Cuban photographer, Alberto Diaz “Korda”. An insightful journey of historic proportions, revealing the powerful images captured by Alberto Diaz “Korda”, reflecting Cuba’s soul during the 50’s and 60’s, the days of fashion, rum and The Revolution. We relive the fascinating moment of Korda’s iconic image “Guerillero Heroico” of Dr. Ernesto “Che” Guevara, which is the most famous photograph of the 20th Century. In an exclusive and captivating moment director Hector Cruz Sandoval reunites the giants of Cuban photography, Alberto Korda, Raúl Corrales, Liborio Noval , and Roberto Salas with “El Comandante” Fidel Castro. In this candid encounter they discuss the impact their images have had on The Revolution. A sensational soundtrack accompanies the film, representing Cuba’s best music: featuring an original score by Maestro Leo Brouwer and music by Carlos Embale, Carlos Puebla, Beny Moré, Los Zafiros, Ramón Velóz and Los Compadres Written by Director Hector Cruz Sandoval